Raw Foodism - Happyraw Exclusive Italian food, the organic vegan and raw restaurant ristorante vegano biologico crudista faenza entrata

ristorante vegano biologico crudista faenza entrata

ristorante vegano biologico crudista faenza entrata

There are so many raw food restaurants, then there's Happyraw!

Happyraw Exclusive Italian food

Vegan food in the UK and the US has become a standard, in fact it is no longer even marketed as "vegan", but aimed at all health-conscious and environmentally sensitive people.

An unstoppable ascent that is beginning to arouse also in Italy, especially among the most open minded and culturally inclined to move away from the thought of the mass that is still subject to destructive mental heritage.

Happyraw wants to be among the first to propose (to anyone) a healthy and sustainable diet, but good, satisfying and greedy.

We are aware that challenging traditional Italian cuisine is certainly not easy, especially in Romagna. However, despite the local cultural difficulties that still offer a diet based on animals, refined flours and fats, there are more and more customers who with intelligence and curiosity, have decided to try something new. Our commitment started from Faenza with the first Happyraw exclusive Italian food restaurant, but the goal is to expand throughout the national territory, then bring the Italian culture of real quality food even abroad, where it will surely still be more appreciated.

After a year from the opening of the first Happyraw, we can be satisfied, our customers are enthusiastic and pleasantly surprised by the taste of our dishes. We continue to receive excellent feedback from both customers and professionals, and this is an incentive for us to continue and accelerate our efforts.

We thank all our customers and we also count on their collaboration to help us spread our mission more about the future of food, not just a new fashion but a gastronomic-cultural revolution that obviously started from Italy.

Thank you.

Via Mengolina, 9 - Faenza (RA) - Italy
☎ +39 0546 46113

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