Frequent Asked Questions

Is it everything gluten free? I sit suitable for celiacs?

Absolutely yes.
Happyraw is also a restaurant for celiacs (gluten-free), all our dishes are gluten free, we do not use anything with gluten so there can not be involuntary contamination not even by mistake.

Who we are?

Happyraw exclusive Italian food – raw restaurants, vegan, organic and gluten-free.

What we do

We offer tasty dishes without animal products, prepared preparati in a conservative manner without exceeding 42° C.

Is everything raw?

Sure, all recipe is prepared with raw food, in some cases we use the drier but without exceeding 42 ° C. This allows to leave intact all the nutrients of food.

Is it all organic?

Of course, we only use organic or biodynamic products and when possible at km 0.

Can we consider HappyRaw a Vegan restaurant?

Obviously Yes!
We do not use animal origin products, both for ethical and health reasons, at the restaurant it can not be contamination with animal products, not even by mistake.

Is it possible to book a table?

Of course, indeed it is advised to book it, especially for dinner.

Is it possible to order Take-away?

Sure, you can order Take-away all our dishes of the menu (that you can find in the website).